Medal of honor allied assault windows 7 not working How do I get MOHAA to work on my Win7 Computer ...

Will Medal of Honor: Allied Assault work on Windows 10? I was cleaning out the drawers in my office and I found the CDs for the game, expansion packs and all. My PC is on windows 10 now though and Im not sure if the thing will even work since it's such an old game. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Windows 10 [ENGLISH TUTORIAL ... Old School Gaming-Medal of Honor Allied Assault Best Moment (Windows 7). Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault No-CD Patches & Game Fixes ... If its an older game you are playing and you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 it may not work, if you right click the .exe file and choose Properties and then Compatibility you can change this to run in Windows 98/ Windows 2000 etc. "GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL ... - It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Some things may not work as they should (or don't work at all).

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